once upon a time appreciation week » day four

favorite story arc: wicked witch

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also, hi carly i’m in love with you, i always knew i would be

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i should’ve known sydney would find herself a hobby while in re-education

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omg i’d honestly forgotten how much i loved sydney, but i do, i haven’t felt this much love for her since the indigo spell and for that i’m very pleased with this book so far

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ok i honestly need a moment, i’m so frustrated with what happened that i needed to close the book

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adrian. you had one job.

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yes good good i knew i wasn’t wrong to love emma she is excellent

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cameronwolfe replied to your post: cameronwolfe replied to your post: so …

nope, from what I’ve seen that seems to be everyone’s general thought so far (I haven’t read it yet though)

it’s not even that they’re bad chapters or anything, i’m not surprised at the way he’s going about it, like his behavior is totally %100 canon and even understandable, but they’re so EXHAUSTING. like, my baby girl’s in re-education being tortured right this moment and i’m aching, i don’t need adrian’s angst bringing me down even more

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cameronwolfe replied to your post: so i have silver shadows and absolutel…

omfg let me know how it goes

is it bad i want to skip all the adrian chapters?

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okay i didn’t want to liveblog but i’m three chapters in and dear god i’ve missed sydney so much

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